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October 16, 2007

Vacancies for writers

On a Sunday afternoon, as soon as I put on the TV, my mom felt I could utilize my time in a better way and gave me some flour to knead. Hence, it made sense to stick only to the local movie channel and avoid channel surfing. While watching the movie, my eyes fell on the ad running below, which showed “Vacancies for writers”.

Being a writer, I thought this was an opportunity I should explore. My hands full of wet flour I found myself so helpless, I had no clue how to take down the number. I rushed and washed my hands got hold of a pen, only to find out there was no ink in it. Managed to get another one but before I could write, the ad was off the screen.

I cursed my luck “Why does it always has to be me?” and got back to what I was doing…. kneading flour. Just as I am about to, get hold of something good, I am not ready for it… so I thought.

But some times you do get a second chance in life and so did I. Same evening, again the ad was displayed and this time neither were my hands occupied nor my pen without ink. So, I wrote the phone number and decided to call up the next day.

Long before the call I had thought about what I was going to ask and if they asked me to come for an interview, I would go the same day. After all, the employer should feel important (Dad said so…). Monday early afternoon, I called the given number, after about 50 tries, finally got through.

This was the most crucial part of the whole adventure, because this is when I discovered the ad was not about “Vacancies for Writers” but it was “Vacancies for Waiters” and for all I know, I was not remotely qualified or trained for the job.
Vacancies for writers
In my excitement, I didn’t notice this huge difference even after seeing the ad twice. So as they say, all for the best, first time when I couldn’t write down the number was probably a sign that this was not meant for me. Also, this incident made me realize, the importance of paying attention to minutest details.


roentarre said...

I like your story. Maybe leave the underlines off so it would be easier to read :)

Sach said...

Thanks for the feedback Roentarre... I have made the necessary changes.

Seasons said...

that was a funny twist !