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June 10, 2007

Trip to Puttaparthi

As a Sai devotee I have always tried to visit Puttaparthi atleast once in a year. This year I had been to Puttaparthi in February. There are a couple of very interesting incidents from my trip which I thought is worth a mention.

Our itinerary was planned as follows, Mumbai to Bangalore to Puttaparthi and back. We had planned to move to Parthi from Bangalore on 1st of Feb as it takes only 4 to 5 hrs from Bangalore to Parthi, so we had approximately 24hrs halt there. However on reaching Bangalore we got the news that Baba was in Chennai and would be coming back only on 2nd of Feb. Can’t explain how disappointing we felt at hearing this piece of news, as we had to leave Parthi on 2nd afternoon.

It is famous about Baba that no one can tell when and where he will be at a given point of time. Thinking about it I had a hope that probably Baba will change his plans and pre-pone his arrival at Parthi. To my excitement and joy this is exactly what happened. Instead of 2nd Baba reached Parthi on 1st of Feb almost the same time when we reached. Non-believers may term it as a co-incidence but believers like me know that Baba always hears the prayers of his Devotees.
Sri Satya Sai Baba
That’s not all, when I went to the main hall where Baba comes to give darshan to his devotees I was stopped by one of the volunteers as the dress that I wore didn’t have a shawl or Odeni. As a rule every female entering the hall (even Prasanthi Nilayam) should to be covered from neck to feet with a shawl wrapped around.

With only a couple of mins for the gate to be closed I had no time to go back to my room to get a shawl. Although there was a smile on my face, deep down I really felt like crying. Just then another volunteer who was watching all this from a distance came to us and said to this volunteer

“Let her go probably she was not aware of this”.

Following a small chat with this helpful volunteer I was finally inside the hall after being refused entry from many other volunteers to whom I referred the volunteer behind who had given her consent. Again in the face of that volunteer I saw Baba himself.

In only 24 hrs of time span there was so much happening in Parthi (Some mentioned here, some not) that otherwise doesn’t happen in days together.

Time and time again I have been questioned by non-believers about why do I believe inSri Satya Sai Baba and they try to enlighten me with all the stories they have heard about him. This piece of writing, an answer to their questions is only a part of Baba’s involvement in my life; Similarly, Baba has helped and heard me in all my difficult times.

Puttaparthi... high on spirituality!