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February 6, 2009

Spam mails story

How many times have you thought while deleting your spam mails, "What do these people get sending these weird spam mails".

Every time, I sat to delete these spam mails even I would think something similar. And today when I read this news article on how terrorists are using spam mails to pass on messages, I was left thinking why is it that, every good thing is best used by bad people?

According to this news, they have software which sends the mail to millions of people, that is actually a message meant for another terrorist. Now this actually helps in reducing the chance of getting caught. It’s easy to keep a track of few emails but highly difficult (or impossible) to track millions of emails. Now if you are thinking next time you will read your spam mails, it’s of no use because these mails are in code language which only the other terrorist will understand.

How much ever I hate to admit, it’s a classic example of out-of-the-box thinking. Sad, the pace in which evil runs its mind only if good could run faster. This actually is the need of the hour but we need to wake up to this truth first.

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