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February 16, 2007

His-story can be our story too...

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful nation, which was the envy of many other nations. The obvious reason why it attracted, the interests of many wicked rulers. In not much time, these rulers in greed of more power and wealth entered the beautiful nation and captured most of its assets… before destroying its culture and magnificence. The protector of the land tried hard to save their land and people from these intruders but failed in front of their evil minds.

Many years later, the people of that destroyed land worked hard and were once again bringing it to its original state. However once again it drew the attention of power hungry rulers and once again was captured and destroyed.

This went on and on… for no man, in this once beautiful land learnt anything from history. They thought they were too well-learned to brood over what happened in the past. Only if somebody had told them, HISTORY REPEATS ITSELF.