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October 31, 2007

Careful with those home remedies

Since my college days, I have tried so many of those make-it-at-home packs, for beautiful skin and hair. I mean a human body has so many flaws to improve upon. So whenever one has a solution for any of those flaws one does get interested to know and try it. But sometimes the solution becomes a problem.

Likes once I heard on the radio, an excited Radio jockey, very confidently enlightening all her listeners; with her excellent tip on how to remove marks left after those uninvited pimples stay. Well, according to her just crush few Garlic cloves and apply it on the marks. Impressed by the confidence of the RJ, I ran to the kitchen and did exactly that, only to see the pimple marks being converted into burn marks.

The pimple marks wouldn’t be visible from far but the marks left behind by garlic could be visible from miles away. Days after that were really horrible, however months later the marks disappeared completely. Till date when I get pimple marks, I am too scared to do any home made remedies to remove them.

One of my cousins had a similar experience when she tried applying curd to make her hair smooth and manageable. She was horrified to see some of her hair greying after this treatment. This reminds me of a story I read in the newspaper, few years back. A man lost his vision, after he put drops of lemon juice into his eyes because he read it was good for the eyes.

I have always been in favor of these home-made remedies however there are certain things one needs to be aware of. We all have different skin and hair types, what may work for one, may not necessarily work for another. If you decide on trying a home remedy first try it on a small part of your skin or hair. For sensitive areas like eyes, ears don’t do anything without consulting a qualified Doctor.

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