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December 14, 2007

The future needs help...

Don’t know how many times I have heard this “Today the kids are much more smarter than we were!”. Or the famous, “Yeh aaj kal ke bacche”. There is absolutely no doubt that generation after generation kids are turning out to be smarter than the previous generation.

But sadly, it’s not doing as much good as it should. On the contrary, the recent events revolving around teenagers in India, has raised a question mark on their upbringing.

This certainly may not be with all the children; however the area of concern is the increase in percentage of kids that are emotionally imbalanced. Even though, I have no practical experience… I think the solution lies with the parents more than anyone else.

As children are growing up faster… parents need to be two steps ahead of them. It’s a competitive world and the time has come to compete with your children. Before a thought crosses their mind, it should cross your mind and help you avoid the destruction. This is possible only when you know your child inside out.

But again it may not be as easy, with both parents working or busy with other activities. So how and when do parents gauge the mind of their children? That is when weekends and holidays help. Not only it gives parents a chance to relax, but can be the right opportunity for them to gauge the mind of their kids.

To get a solution for such sensitive matters can never be easy. But individuals and society need to wake up first. And then take small steps ahead to create a bettter and safe environment for all.

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