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September 7, 2007

The sacred language - Sanskrit

Sanskrit, a forgotten Indian language, is derived from the word samskrta which means ‘perfectly formed’. Long ago, it was the language used by civilized India. There are innumerable languages that have used Sanskrit, for its formation.

Besides being a beautiful language, it represents the ancient culture of India, which was more spiritual and wholesome. The most powerful source of knowledge, VEDAS is said to be written in Sanskrit. Controversy surrounds its origin; some historians support its Indo-European link, while others vouch it to be the language of the divine interpreted by the Rishis (Sages).

Sanskrit being developed in an age when there were very few human civilization devices and so Sanskrit doubled up as a language and tool for memory improvement. In the modern times, strong similarity is found between the working of Object oriented Programming (OOP) and Sanskrit.

While it may not be a common language today, many people especially Indians have this hidden desire to learn it. Harish Shetty, top management personnel with one of Indian MNCs, says, “I am a firm believer that, if you learn Sanskrit, your ucharan (speech) becomes perfect”. Prakriti Sharma, a self employed lady says “Since Sanskrit is not very easy to learn, its best to start early. I will make sure to send my kid for Sanskrit classes by next year.”

While many people I know are learning French, German, Japanese and so on… my first priority would be Sanskrit. Nothing wrong learning these languages too but as they say charity begins at home, on the same line, learning begins at home. I might as well start learning, what my country has got to teach me, first.

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Sujith said...

Hi Sachu,
Seems like lots of R&D has been done. Good work...