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April 15, 2009

Would you be voting in the coming election?

This time like never before there is big time focus on election, after all that our country is going through at present, it’s but natural. I remember some people who said in the last election, “what is the use voting, all are the same” are actually trying to get a voter’s ID card. This on people’s front… is a very positive sign. All the recent happenings have made people realize the importance of voting for the right party.

Apart from that we have the media encouraging people to vote. Just last year came into existence, which already has thousands of registrations. As for me, I have always voted, unfortunately my name came in the list of voters little late; however, as soon as I had my name in the list I voted with all sincerity.

Election campaigning is going on in full form. Political Parties are getting film stars to campaign for them. This year the TV campaigning has got much more entertaining unlike in the past. I particularly liked the below Ad campaigning done by BJP.

But the question remains, how we should see to it that our voted is not wasted on the wrong person/party. I have been thinking a lot about this and why not it’s the question of my nation and directly or indirectly it affects me! Should I vote for the party campaigned by my favorite actor? Should I decide looking at the ad campaign on TV that impressed me the most? Or should I just wake up and see around, if the party ruling my area has actually contributed in its development in the last 5 years and if not should I give a chance to another party?

This is our one chance but as they say in Hindi… Sau sohnaar ki ek lohaar ki (Our one equals their hundred).

Before you vote for elections this time, besides you own wisdom and awareness, please do some research on which party really deserves your vote. Following site is the latest tool provided by Google, hope it helps;

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