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January 7, 2009

Year 2008-09

New Year has arrived and one week of 2009 is already over. I know time flies but now it’s flying faster and faster. Although this section of the blog is for retrospection, I would hate to speak about year 2008. All those who wanted to know how 2008 was for me got a standard reply that “It was a challenging year”. But to elaborate a bit, it was an eye opener. Accumulated thoughts of so many years got washed away in 2008; one hard blow put me face to face with reality.

Health wise also a very difficult year, can’t recollect when before this I had so many problems one after another. Not much of prosperity either can be claimed in the year 2008. And nobody needs to be told about the social disasters we saw in 2008. Even though, that didn’t do me any damage directly, I felt depressed hearing and thinking about it.

In short, all that we wish for everyone every New Year (Health, wealth, happiness) none was hugely present in the year 2008. So I say it was a very challenging year.

But now putting the past behind, I welcome 2009 with all my heart and soul. They say dawn is closest to a dark night. After the dark night that 2008 was, hopefully 2009 turns out to be the dawn of my life and helps me move ahead like the way I want to!

Professionally and Personally, I can prove myself to my loved ones. I am able to word my thoughts with all creativity and clarity. Talk when I am supposed to talk and stay quite when I am supposed to stay quite (not the other way round as it usually happens).

I hope all this happens in 2009 or I would be blogging about 2009 the way I did for 2008 and who likes bad publicity (except for the item girls). Because time really flies and it will not be long before 2009 also ends disclosing its share of goodies and baddies.


divyesh said...

i agree wid u that 2008 was was for every1..even for me....hope 2009 will be better and ushers in lots of hope n happiness in our lives :)

THE HUB said...

Happy new year!
and yeah..2009 would be better!

Sujith said...

Of course 2009 will be much much better than 2008...
Dont lose hopes..
We'll surely be successful in our endeavors..
Happy New Year!!!