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August 8, 2007

Archies Comics family has a new Indian member... Raj Patel

Archies Comics

Archies comics came into existence in 1952, and I have been reading it since 1980s. It had always been my favorite book, based on it there are also cartoon videos but never liked it that much. The blend of humour, logic and the connection with real life has been amazingly perfect, in Archies comics. There are so many stories I can think of even now and laugh, which at the same time makes so much sense.

In one of such stories, one of Veronica Lodges pair of pants were accidentally torn in the college. After which she is embarrassed to no end and is lost about what she should do next. When her Friend Betty suggests she should walk as if nothing as happened or she will draw peoples attention towards her; Veronica does exactly that. She walks to the classroom, with all her confidence.

When other girls in the college see this, they think if Veronica Lodge is wearing that, then obviously it must be the latest trend. And next day all the gals are wearing trousers which is full on one leg and short on another. Funny but when today I see ripped Jeans I get a feeling that this is what must have happened with the person who introduced it!

Now Archies comics would be, more dearer to me because they have brought in an Indian Character Raj Patel. From what information I have collected, sounds like, he would be presented in a positive way. Rajs Father, Ravi Patel is rich and famous, and a Doctor by profession. The family includes Rajs Mother Mona Patel and sister Tina Patel.

Hopefully, this character stays in Archies forever and is not just momentary.

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