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August 13, 2006

Ancient India

Talking about Ancient India, I had always wondered how life in India was before the series of Invasions started out here. Were the natives more gullible and vulnerable then now? From whatever I have read about people of Ancient India, they had knowledge and wisdom in abundance. Vedas stands a proof to it.

Was sanskrit the language they largely spoke? Where has Sanskrit disappeared from the Modern India? Whatever history we know about India today is after the inception of Invasions, what happened to the history before that?

We may never be able to reach to the depth of Indian History as probably all the genuine references has been destroyed. And its difficult to accept any theory without some strong evidence.

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Jay said...

Sachana - You ask a great question - what happened to the history before that? All Indians have a pride of a great culture that we have, but sadly we cannot survive on the past laurels. Whilst India is emerging yet again as a power, but still a long way to go, I must say the Indians must focus not on history and what happened? but how can you learn from the past, so that the mistakes of the past cannot be repeated. trully the vedic heritage was destroyed with the Invasions after Invasions - just what can we learn from that, so that it does not repeat itself. Jay